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Beyond HTML - ActiveX, CGI scripts, Java and JavaScript

CGI Scripts
Java and JavaScript


ActiveX is a technology developed by Microsoft which allows information to be shared amongst different applications. An ActiveX component is similar to a Java applet, but has full access to the Windows environment. Links to ActiveX resources are listed below:

CGI Scripts

CGI scripts are small applications which sit on the Web server and are retrieved and executed remotely by your Web pages. They allow you to include functionality in your Website that would not otherwise be possible using HTML.

Below are three which you can use in your pages:

At present, we do not allow customers to write (or upload) other CGI scripts because of possible security problems. A badly-written or malicious script could easily be used to 'hack' into the BTinternet servers, causing damage or deleting valuable data. Any scripts which we offer to customers are thoroughly checked to ensure their security.

Additional CGI scripts are in evaluation at present.

Java and JavaScript

Java is a high level, general programming language developed to exploit the growth in the Web. Java applications (called Applets) sit on the Webserver and are run by a Java-compatible browser. The Java programming language is complemented by JavaScript, a scripting language built into recent Web browsers. JavaScript can interact with HTML to offer interactive Web pages and dynamically generated page content.

The function offered by a Java applet or a piece of JavaScript will only be visible to those visitors to your site whose Web browsers support it - others, perhaps using older browsers, will see nothing.

There are many excellent Java and JavaScript resources on the Internet. A few of the best are listed below. Additionally, there is a link to a piece of JavaScript which you can use right now to enhance your page - a Web Form generator, which will allow visitors to your site to fill in an online form - perhaps for ordering goods - with the details of the form sent to you as an e-mail.

Find out more about the next big thing:

for ActiveX, CGI and JavaScript resources.

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