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What is HTML?
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the simple scripting language used to create World Wide Web (WWW) pages for the Internet. The HyperText part means that the WWW page contains 'hot' links, which when clicked on, take you directly to another WWW page, or to a different part of the same page. Markup Language lets you prepare documents for viewing on the Internet in Web browsers, which interpret the HTML and translate it into the page which you see. The importance of HTML is that it describes the structure of a document, and not the style. This makes it a very powerful tool which works across browsers and operating systems. It is up to the Web browser to interpret that structure.

HTML is an evolving language; one of the problems you may experience when creating Web pages is that different browsers can interpret HTML in different ways. An older browser may not understand new HTML commands or elements. The latest version of HTML is published by the World Wide Web Consortium.

How do I learn HTML?
There are a number of excellent HTML tutorials and reference sites:

Composing Good HTML
HTML Primer
Introduction to HTML
Ultimate HTML Tutorial
ZD Net Webcat Garage
A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Look at the BTinternet Home pages Authoring newsgroup, where you can ask for help on any questions you have regarding the construction of your home page.

The best way to learn HTML is to experiment yourself and learn by looking at what others have done. Look at the HTML that makes up other Websites. To see a Web page's HTML, go to 'View Source' from the Edit menu (Mosaic) or go to 'View Source' from the View menu (Netscape) or 'Source' from the View menu (Internet Explorer). You can also save the HTML from a page for reference by clicking on 'Save As...' from the File menu and choosing the 'Source' option.

You should store all the elements that make up your page (HTML files, GIF files, etc.) in a single directory. This will make it easier to check your work before you upload, or publish, your page on BTinternet. To look at an HTML file 'locally' in your Web browser, go to the File menu and choose Open Local... (Mosaic), Open File... (Netscape) or Open...Browse... (Internet Explorer).

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