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What tools will you need to create your home page?
HTML editors are useful for generating HTML code, although HTML can be written in any text editing or word processing package. Some HTML editors hide the HTML code from you, which makes things simple for the novice in the short term - however they are often less flexible for the more experienced author. Image manipulation tools will help you convert and create graphics for Internet use. When you're ready to upload your pages to your Web space, you'll probably need a File Transfer program to do the job. Once your page is live, you should test it with a number of different Web browsers for compatibility.

HTML Editors
Image Manipulation Tools
Web Browsers
File Transfer Programs

HTML Editors

Windows 95/98 Adobe PageMill
Dreamweaver 3.0
FrontPage 2000
HTMLed 32-bit
HotDog 32-bit
Windows 3.1 HotDog 16-bit
Microsoft Internet Assistant for Word
Apple Macintosh Adobe GoLive
Claris Home Page
Adobe PageMill
Linux ASWedit

Please note: While the above applications can be used to create your Website, they cannot be supported by the BTinternet help desk.

Windows 3.1 and Linux are not supported by the BTinternet help desk.

Image manipulation tools

Windows 95/98 Adobe Photoshop
Paint Shop Pro
Web Hotspots
Windows 3.1 Web Hotspots
Apple Macintosh Adobe Photoshop
Linux GIMP

Web browsers

Windows 95/98 Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator
NCSA Mosaic for Windows
Windows 3.1 Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator
NCSA Mosaic Windows 3.x
Apple Macintosh Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator
NCSA Mosaic for Macintosh

File Transfer programs (FTP)

Windows 95/98 Cute FTP
FTP Browser 2
FTP Explorer
FTP Voyager
Windows 3.1 WS_FTP
Cute FTP
Apple Macintosh Anarchie
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