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FAQ 1 Where do I find the dial-in software to use BTinternet?
FAQ 2 Why do I have call charges?
FAQ 3 Why am I sometimes cut off? Why is my connection speed/download performance sometimes poor?
FAQ 4 How do I ensure that I am using the cheapest access number?
FAQ 5 How do I configure Outlook Express to use my email account?
FAQ 6 How do I update my credit card or Pay-as-you-go account to BTinternet for SurfTime?
FAQ 7 How do I build a Website/web page
FAQ 8 Security, what do I need to know?

Click here for a complete list of help topics.

BTinternet packages and member benefits
New packages
My BTinternet
Web mail on BTinternet
Web space for me?
Content and BTinternet
The Internet and your telephone

Questions re Operating Systems
Windows 95/98

Information about the Internet
Find out more about the Internet

Minimum specification
To find out what equipment you need in order to use BTinternet as your Internet Service Provider, please click here.

Service Status
Should BTinternet suffer any temporary problems with email, FTP, newsgroups or web access, the problem will detailed in the Service Status report together with a schedule of when you can expect it to be resolved.

Contact BTinternet
Access a list of phone numbers and email addresses

Server Details
Access a list of list of server addresses

Yooz Online Tutorial
Step-by-step interactive guides to a vast range of Internet topics, from newsgroups and webmail to browsers and chat. These guides are designed to mirror what the topic will look like for real. If you make a mistake or if you don't know what to do, the guides will help and correct you.

Site Tour Guide
Lost? Having difficulty finding your way round the new-look site? Go to Site Tour Guide for a description of what lies on

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