Access Numbers

Please note: you need to be a registered BTinternet user to gain access on the following numbers.

BTinternet for Surf Packages
Daytime: 0845 756 0000 (Calls charged at BT local rates)
Surftime: 0844 040 4005 (no call charges, 6pm - 8am weekdays and all weekend)

BTinternet Anytime
0808 9933001

BTinternet Pay-as-you-go
0845 756 0000
Calls charged at local rates

BTinternet on 128k ISDN (Home Highway)
Access number: 0845 712 8000
128 kbps ISDN access is available on all BTinternet packages. Please note: Calls are charged at local rates and you will be charged for two calls, regardless of the package to which you subscribe.

BTinternet from abroad
Please note: Caller Line Identity (CLI) is required.
CLI is not sent from all countries/hotels. If you experience problems, please contact the telephone provider/hotelier.

International (PSTN): +44 121 478 9200
International (ISDN): +44 121 478 9300

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