How do I add a new e-mail account in Outlook Express? Before you can set up additional mailboxes, you must create them on BTinternet. To create additional mailboxes, go to the Multiple Mailboxes page.

  1. From the Start button, select Programs.
  2. Go to Internet Explorer and select Outlook Express.
  3. Click on the Tools menu, and select Accounts.
  4. Click on the Add button and select Mail.
    The set-up wizard starts.
  5. Type in your real name (this can be anything you like, but is usually your real name. Click Next.
  6. Type in your e-mail address. Click Next.
  7. Make sure that the mail server is set to POP3, then fill in the mail server details ( for both incoming and outgoing mail). Click Next.
  8. Type in your e-mail account details, the click Next.

    • Pop Account Name: your e-mail name (the bit before
    • Password: Your e-mail password (this is case sensitive)
  9. Type in a friendly name (this can be anything you like). Click Next.
  10. Tick the "Connect using my phone line" box, and select "BTinternet" in the "Use the following Dial-up Networking connection" list. Click Next, then click Finish.
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