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New BTinternet packages
Upgrading to BTinternet for BT Surf packages
BT Surf packages explained
BTinternet for BT Surf packages explained
Connection/access to BTinternet

Contacting BTinternet
Telephone numbers
Email addresses

Beginner's guide
Problem solving
Windows 95/98 technical help
Mac technical help

Connecting to BTinternet
Access numbers
Dial-Up Networking
Starting a connection
Why am I sometimes cut off?
Connection problems
IP addresses
BTinternet server addresses
Mac connection setup

My Account
Personal details
How do I change my credit card/personal details?

What are Newsgroups ?
BTinternet Newsgroups
Accessing Newsgroups with Outlook Express
Windows 95/98 technical help
Mac technical help

Web space
How do I build a Website / Web page?
File Transfer Protocol

Web mail
What is Web mail ?
Launch Web mail

Internet Chat (IRC)
What is chat?
Windows 95/98 technical help
Mac technical help

Windows 95/98 technical help
Mac technical help
Anarchie FTP
Cute FTP

Apple Macintosh
Apple Macintosh help

Windows 95/98
Windows 95/98 help

General information

Frequently asked questions
Answers to common questions regarding building your own pages
Content and BTinternet
Our position on Internet content
Everything you need to know about cookies
The Internet and your family
Precautions you can take with your children's use of the Internet
The Internet and your telephone
The cost of calls to BTinternet and how to save money on your phone bill.
Internet screening software
Find out about products to limit Internet usage by its content.
Acceptable behaviour online
How to avoid "catching" a computer virus over the Internet
The World Wide Web
What the Web is and who owns it
Glossary of Internet terms
What the jargon really means

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