E-mail (electronic mail) is electronic post sent and received between computers linked over networks or the Internet. You can use e-mail to keep in touch with friends and family without the time involved in mailing letters or the expense of long-distance telephone calls. E-mail messages take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to arrive.

You are allowed unlimited mailboxes with your BTinternet account (annual payment customers only), including the one that you chose when you registered. Your home page uses one of your mailboxes as its URL (Internet address).

BTinternet Web mail
Create a new mailbox
Change your mailbox details
Delete items from your mailbox

E-mail FAQs


You can now pick up your BTinternet e-mail from anywhere in the world with BTinternet's Web Mail service. Click here for further details or access the service direct.

Learn how to deal with spam, or unsolicited e-mail.

Why not spend a moment checking that the Reply to box in your Mail program's Preferences file is configured with your correct e-mail address? If it isn't, others won't be able to respond to your messages.

The Guide to e-mail etiquette.

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