BTinternet for BT Surf packages give you over 500 hours of unmetered evening and weekend internet calls every month, with calls at other times charged at BT standard local call rate3. BTinternet is charged at 4.00 per month (effective from 1st August 2001 the BTinternet monthly subscription for Surf packages will increase from £4.00 to £5.99), but you will also need to order your chosen Surf package. You can do this at the BT web site if you haven't already done so. Your options are...

BT SurfTime Evenings & Weekends (£5.99 per month)
This option features free Internet access every evening (6.00pm - 8.00am) and all weekend (6pm Friday to 8am Monday) with access costing BT standard local call rate3 at all other times.

BT Surf Together (£14.99 per month)
This option includes BT SurfTime Evenings & Weekends, BT line rental, and call discounts on national and international calls1

BT Talk & Surf Together (£19.99 per month)
Package includes all of the above plus unlimited local evening and weekend phone calls2

All charges will appear on your BT phone bill.

1 Calls to 13 of our most popular international call destinations at just 9p a minute
2 Call charges apply after 60 minutes for each call
3 BT local call rate charges include 4p per minute Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. There are no call charges for Surf packages at all other times.

How do I change my BTinternet subscription to a BTinternet for BT Surf Package?
IMPORTANT! You must follow these steps. BT Surf Packages are only available to customers with a BT phone line and are subject to availability.

  1. Order a Surf Package from BT. If you have not ordered a Surf Package from BT yet, please do so at the BT SurfTime Web site. You cannot order a BT Internet for BT Surf Package without first ordering a Surf package from BT.
  2. Once you have ordered a Surf Package from BT, you will be able to change to a BT Internet for BT Surf Package (make sure you have your BT telephone and account numbers to hand).

For more information please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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