BTinternet Service Description

BTinternet Service Description

Conditions of Use

Service Restrictions
To ensure we offer all our customers the best possible service, we apply the following restrictions.

The service is not intended for use with automatic or unattended connections, customers using these methods of connection may have their service terminated. This is particularly applies during peak hours (6pm - 9:30 pm)

There is an email box size limit of 50Mb, if your mailbox is over this, your oldest emails will be automatically removed until your mailbox is below the 50Mb limit.

BTinternet for BT Surf Packages and BTinternet Anytime support unmetered connections up to 64k (single channel ISDN), customers requiring 128k channel bonded connections (e.g. home highway) will be charged at local call rates.

Continuous connections are limited to 2hrs in length, connections over this length will be terminated. Customers can re-connect immediately.

Modem idle time-outs are set to 15 minutes, if your modem fails to send data for a period of 15 minutes your connection will be terminated. You can re-connect should you need to.

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