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Important information for non-BT line customers

Unfortunately BTinternet Anytime is only available with a BT line. If you do not have a BT line you will be unable to use BTinternet Anytime and therefore have the following options:

If you find that none of these options are convenient for your needs you can close your BTinternet account quickly and simply by completing the form below.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Account Closure

If you feel that re-connection to a BT line or moving to Pay-as-you-go is not appropriate for you, please complete the following form and close your BTinternet account.

We are sorry to loose you as a BTinternet customer and would like to thank you for your custom.

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Contact Telephone Number:
Your mother's maiden name (for security):
Any Comments:
Press the send Form to close account to send this form,
or start again to clear the form
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